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Nothing is Happening

UPDATE .... join the secret Nixtasy-PARTY at 22:30., but the location is secret. Send an email for more info to Nixtasy Secret Party

NIXTASY Happening
The research of nothingness is possible only in a small framework. We have already the maximum number of participants. There is no chance for tickets - sorry!
Fr. 15.11.2019 – 20:00
Start: 20:00 at Hp23 reception (Hp23 – Linz, Hauptplatz 23, court).

NIXTASY is a immersive Live Art event of Die Fabrikanten Live Art Coop
Gabriela Gordillo, Gerald Harringer, Julia Hartig, Bernadette Laimbauer, Patrik Huber, Theresa Muhl, Wolfgang Preisinger
Gäste: Ahoo Maher, Daniel Stimmeder, BenOlsen, Josy Barbo | Ernö Barbo