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An EU-view to Europe. Series of dialogues
Linz ? office Die Fabrikanten
9th November ? 7th December 2004

In order to counter the vacuum of knowledge about Europe at the EU edges with vivid images and tangible information, we invite people from the European countries on the other side of the Schengen border into our rooms. They report on the life in countries, which almost seem exotic in the Austrian daily life although they are European: Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia and Moldavia.

Our guests are the Bulgarian journalist and politic adviser Alexander Andreev (head of the Bulgarian editorial department of the German radio DW World), the editor and publicist living in Bucharest Hilke Gerdes, the south-Europe expert Christine von Kohl, the Serbian musician and university professor Ljubisa Jovanovic and the White Russian sociologist and publicist Nelly Bekus.

In public laboratory discussions they make narrative expeditions through the daily culture, society, politics, culture and economy of the respective country and thereby set a small stimulus against the European vacuum together with us.