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Live Art Workshop

Sounds, tones, silence? What impact does voices, music or noise have on our encounters - when we walk through the city, when we meet a friend for a coffee, when we perform outdoor? In which ways our experience of reality shifts when we focus primarily on our auditory perceptions, deliberately and playfully neglecting our visual senses?

We will look into these questions in a practice-oriented workshop interweaving elements of live art, music improvisation, expressive art therapy and street theater. Participants from Slovenia, Austria and other countries will meet in a small group for three days in order to work/perform together. Workshop will be lead by 4 experienced mentors (background in live art, contemporary dance, music and street theatre), nevertheless all participants are invited to take part in the decission-making processes, contribute their creative imput and/or occasionally take the leadership.

Ljubljana offers a variety of public spaces/places for spontanious artistic actions (although the regulation by the municipality is currently increasing, but this is already a different story..). We will claim the streets of the city as our playground and conduct sessions in public space. Phases of reflection will help us to further develop one's own work, new/old ideas and potentialy a common ground. The continuation of the workshop is planed to happen in Linz, Austria in the spring 2024. The workshop is for everyone who is interested in exchange and encounters.

In cooperation with Sam Auinger (AUT), Vida Cerkvenik Bren (SLO), Thierno Diallo (SLO), Jelena Oleami (SLO)
Project partner: Kud Ljud

Jelena Oleami- dance teacher and choreographer who has been teaching dance for more than 25 years. She found her teaching roots in contemporary dance, where she encourages authentic movement. In her teaching she uses the practices of Anna Halprin and the Tamalpa Institute in California (USA) - Life/Art Process, where she is currently studying expressive art therapy. This year, she was selected as an ArtCorps scholarship of the Tamalpa Institute.

Sam Auinger, sonic thinker, artist, composer, a true hearing expert whose passion for all acoustic phenomena is contagious. Sam Auinger Website

© Image: Udo Wid @SECRETS 2018