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With the smallest footprint

trekk:art #2

Artists accompany and inspire 4 to 8 participants on this one-day adventure. The path, designed in a playful and dramatic way, leads to oneself and helps to determine one's position, to change perspectives, to change and to find a central narrative. Both private individuals and entrepreneurs can use trekk:art for themselves. A separate request and another appointment is required for complete teams.

The hiking route on September, in the Linz area, is not physically demanding (distance: approx. 10 km, only approx. 200 meters in altitude), but a certain level of fitness is required. A mental openness makes sense for the inner journey. There are routes with group hikes but also individual sections, individual accompaniment, one-to-one meetings. The exact place and time of departure (in Linz) will only be announced the day before. In any case, we move on and next to the Danube, so much can already be revealed.
Artistic travel companion: Martha Laschkolnig, Gerald Harringer (Die Fabrikanten)

Participation fee: € 90 (prices include travel expenses for train, bus or boat, excluding meals and costs for refreshments)
Contact, info and registration: register now Further details on arrival and departure , catering etc. will follow after registration.

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Travel companion: Mario* Sinnhofer Markus Spitzer, Gerald Harringer (Die Fabrikanten), Saturday, June 11, 2022, Wallersee

A staged hike awaits you on the shore of Lake Wallersee, in the middle of the Salzburg Lake District. YOU play the leading role.
The physical aspect is hardly challenging due to the simple route - but the inner journey certainly is! Different stations and sections of the route provide inspiration and irritation, individual accompaniment, as well as one or the other (re)examination of one's own intentions and views.